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Why backing up your OneDrive account is a very good idea

Many people are not aware that OneDrive does NOT provide any true backup security for their data stored in it. It offers a decent way of storing, sharing and accessing the files and potentially relieves the requirement and maintenance for a physical Server BUT you still need to ensure you retain a copy of your data and back it up.

We have also found that many IT support agents do not seem to be aware that OneDrive is not offering a backup of the files and are telling their clients not to worry as their data remains safe – this is unwise and incorrect.

CRITICAL: The only way to truly remain in control of your data is to ensure that the main OneDrive account holder downloads/syncs all the data onto their own machine (ensuring there is a big enough hard drive in place), thus ensuring they always have an up to date copy of all the files on their own local drive at all times (and not stored solely on Microsoft’s server where they could be deleted, overwritten and at risk).

With a local version, you have the ability to back up the files using automated off-site backup systems such as Depositit Backup which retains historic versions of previously deleted, overwritten or corrupted files that you can restore whenever required. Without this local version and off-site backup, your data is at risk, as again Microsoft OneDrive is NOT a Backup system but rather a Data Repository and sharing system.

At the moment it might be the case that you are enabling everyone to share, view and amend your company data without a backup of those files in place. This is massively risky.

Please ensure you do keep a separate backup using the Depositit instructions or any other secure system.


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