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Storing all your docs & photos on a single external drive?

Every week we receive pleas of help from people explaining their External drive that contains all of their precious information has died and asking how can they get back their documents stored on it?

From the day computers were invented, there was a quote that remains relevant today as when it was first spoken:

“Regarding a hard drive – it’s not about IF (it crashes), it’s WHEN it crashes/dies”.

Every hard drive will eventually lose the spark to live and will crash out and it will take with it any information it’s carrying, sometimes you may get some warning and other times it will simply give up the ghost. It worked and then it did not. Gone. RIP.

When that dreaded day arrives, when the External Hard Drive that is always plugged into your computer, and always reliably worked, storing years of accumulated digital data, is not showing up - no matter what you attempt to do, the drive letter does not appear!

The more you press buttons in attempt to get it to work, the more damage you may unintentionally be doing to the ‘Logical’ or ‘Physical’ (or both of those elements) of the Drive.



  • Attaching an external drive to your PC is a quick and handy solution for more data storage and portability of it if needed.


  • These devices are prone to wear & tear, often with no warnings when something is wrong.

  • Recovering data from a faulty hard drive is an extremely challenging, timely and costly service.


1/ Keep a second drive and periodically rotate the drives or make a copy from one to the other.

2/ Use an Online Backup service so you are not reliant on physical hardware being damaged or stopping working.

Check out a previous article here or be in touch and we’ll advise further and help you.


Whether you use your computer for home or work, with or without an external hard drive, here are THREE simple ways to protect your data from loss, theft or any other failure:

Spend 5 minutes today setting this up and save yourself hours of time, stress and money when that emergency hits.

Please don’t wait for the dreaded Blue screen to hit or that drive to disappear and the panic to set in. You have the solution above.


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