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The Secure & Reliable way to access your information

This is a picture of Depositit ORGANISER, your online console where you can save details in a very organized way. You can access them anytime/anywhere from your phone (pictured), tablet or computer.

Have you registered for your free account yet? The console has been designed to logically store specific and unlimited details in ready-made categories, making it very quick for you to locate things when needed. For example, the username or password, the bank details, passport number, a copy of your insurance certificate – whatever it is, save it in your ORGANISER and you can find it when required.

The keywords are ‘SECURE & RELIABLE’ because at Depositit we value the importance of keeping information secure yet accessible and organized so you can get what you need very quickly and via any device without having to download or install anything.

You may want to share the ORGANISER with your household as a central place to store the emergency details of tradesmen, the numerous insurance details you have, medical practice information and access codes that might be needed if something happens to one of you. You can even store a copy of your Will!

As a general rule it will take 2 clicks to input or find something, for example:

  1. Click the ‘Travel’ section

  2. Click the ‘Passports’ subsection and there are you/your family’s passport details

That’s it! 2 clicks and you’ll have what you’re looking for, whether it’s your passport number or any other detail you keep in your console.

Depositit ORGANISER – the more you use it, the more you’ll use it


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