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cyber security



cyber security
cyber security

Total Cyber Security for your company against cyber threats, viruses, ransomware & hacking

Depositit C360 blocks, defends and safeguards you against all cyber attacks.

When you click a malicious link, our Rollback system removes all traces of the malware.

Fully managed and monitored 24/7 so you always remain safe.

Our Penetration Testing will check your System, Infrastructure and Web applications. Detecting, noting and advising any action needed to keep your business safe. More info...

Don't be the next victim

See how Depositit protects you against data loss and hacking.

  • Why should I use Depositit Backup?
    Backing up manually is time consuming (see below). Depositit does everything automatically for you: Backup manually: Connect your computer to an external drive. Locate and copy your essential folders and files onto that drive. After you have checked the backup, make sure the data and drive are encrypted. Remove and store the drive securely off-site, away from your machine. Repeat daily, using minimum 10 individual drives to allow previous version restores.
  • What data files can I Backup?
    Back up all file types including office documents, spreadsheets, images, databases, pdf's, SQL, Outlook and other program files.
  • What devices can I Backup?
    Depositit will backup desktops, laptops and servers on a Windows or macOS operating system.
  • How much data can I Backup?
    You can backup as much information as you need. Let us know your requirement and we can provide a price for you.
  • Read more about Depositit Backup...
    Over 20 years helping businesses protect & recover from data loss. ​ The first company in the UK to develop cloud backup services. ​ Insurance, software providers, business networks and IT support companies offer Depositit's managed data protection services to customers.


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