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Fully protect yourself against cyber threats, viruses, ransomware & hacking

When you click a malicious link, our Rollback system removes all traces of the malware.

Fully managed and monitored 24/7 so you can always remain confident and safe.

Depositit C360 blocks, defends and safeguards you against all cyber attacks.

Don't be the next victim

See how Depositit protects you against data loss and hacking.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Depositit C360?

Hacking, Scam emails and Ransomware are increasing right now and and standard Antivirus is no match for these threats. Depositit C360 is a managed protection service, meaning our software automatically detects and protects against known and unknown threats and sends an alert to our Helpdesk who investigate further (remotely) to ensure your machine/s remain secure at all times.

Does C360 protect all computers?

Yes, you can protect a single machine or network of 100’s and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, plus all Servers

How much does it cost?

Please contact us and we will be in touch to discuss your requirement. This is not because we wish to avoid costs but discounts apply if you are using Depositit Backup, wish to protect more than 10 machines or commit to 24 or 36 month agreement. Prices also differ for workstations and servers and can be as low as £5 + vat per month per machine.

You can trial C360 and as part of this will receive a FREE system scan that will check for any threats on your machine. After the trial period unless you took advantage of a discounted agreement, you can cancel anytime month on month.

'Rollback' - what is it and how does it work?

When a machine gets hit by a ransomware or any serious malware attack, Depositit C360 can roll back your machine to just before the incident. Without this you may lose the use of the machine for a couple of days (best case scenario) or longer and even then, there’s no guarantee the threat has been removed (often elements remain embedded in the machine ready to exploit again at some point).

With C360 in place, your machine is constantly monitored by our Security Operation Center, so when you or one of your staff accidentally click the wrong link and the malware starts to corrupt, the threat is immediately detected, blocked, removed PLUS all affected files will be reverted back to their original state. This is done in minutes, reducing any downtime to virtually zero.

This feature keeps thousands of businesses running each day and saves time, stress and money.


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Block and reverse threats in minutes


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