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secure automated online data backup solutions


Backing up OneDrive & SharePoint

secure automated online data backup and cloud storage
secure automated online data backup and cloud storage

Contrary to popular belief, as helpful as it is for syncing and sharing information, Microsoft Cloud solutions DO NOT prevent cyber breaches or data loss. In fact the opposite may be true, as they potentially make you feel immune and safe, placing you and your data more at risk!


If you are planning to or have already moved your data into a SharePoint or OneDrive account, you can and should keep a local version of your files on your machine to ensure you always remain in control of your data.


Retaining a local version is essential for business compliance and continuity and we have provided instructions below showing how to easily do this. Critically this allows you the ability to backup, further protect and restore previous versions of important files & databases.


If you store your data on to 3rd party systems without keeping a local copy for yourself, there is a real risk of data loss.

How to create a local version of your data:



1. open the Windows 'File Explorer' on your machine (the little yellow folder icon in the taskbar at the bottom of your PC).

2. locate and right click on the 'Onedrive' folder.

  • Select 'Properties' to check the 'Size' (amount) of GB's within this folder and ensure your local drive has at least that amount of space available.

  • If you have multiple users/computers that access the account, you should confirm and ensure that any data they generate and store in the account is visible in the OneDrive folder on your machine. 

3. again, right click on the 'OneDrive' folder and in the menu that appears, select 'Settings'.

4. in the window that appears, select the 'Settings' tab at the top left.

5. un-tick the 'Files On-Demand' option tick box (located at the bottom of the window).

6. click 'OK'


All data currently stored in the OneDrive folder on that PC will be synced. Depending on the amount of data, this can take several hours to fully sync to your local drive.

How to backup automatically with Depositit:



1. open the Depositit Backup software.

2. create a new backup definition and select the entire OneDrive folder or specific sub-folders that you require to backup within it.

  • Note! please see above instructions to ensure first that the data in your OneDrive folder has been synced locally.​ 

3. schedule a convenient time for the backup to run each day and save the definition settings.

That's it and Depositit will carry out the daily backups automatically and incrementally. Note that the first backup always takes the longest as this needs to upload all the initial data that you have selected.

The only way to truly keep your data safe and retain control is to ensure you have your own copy of it at all times.

Contact us at any time and we can advise on safely backing up OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, SQL servers and NAS devices as well as all remaining office documents, spreadsheets, .pdf, images, media and professional client or accounting databases and Outlook .pst files from workstations and laptops.

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