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How to protect data & information?

It can be considered that Data consists of facts and figures that when processed, delivers information. Therefore, information is the processed outcome of data.

When you protect your data, you also protect your information.

However, it can be incredibly difficult to fully protect your data because so much is out of your reach and control. For example the information you put into digital forms, and then click submit which sends it off to the company who’s requested it or the information gathered on your smart device that’s stored in the company cloud who’s collecting it. This data is in their hands and its security relies on the protection they have in place to safeguard your details.

For information you create yourself and store on your computer/devices, it is strongly recommended that you put in place a robust Backup system and also a strong cyber protection solution.

Cyber attacks hit every sized company, every second of every day and are one step ahead of the standard antivirus most people have installed, thinking this will protect them. IT WON’T.

What is the best way to protect data stored on your computer and in the cloud?

No matter where you store your data, the most important step is always to ensure you have a local copy of it that you can protect by backing it up.

By ‘local copy’, we mean all your personal and business files should reside on the hard drive of a Personal computer or Laptop or other Storage device (NAS drive / Server etc) and multiple Backups carried out daily and the copies stored offsite so they can be accessed as and when required to obtain, restore and recover lost files.

An additional layer of protection against cyber attacks is an Endpoint Detection & Response system (EDR) also known as Managed Endpoint Security. Having this in place will guard against malware, ransomware and other serious threats and viruses that typically evade standard antivirus. It will also prevent hackers from accessing your computers and taking your data.

If you are not familiar with how to back up your data or do not have a backup solution in place, you can find information here to get you started. No matter if you are storing your data in the cloud, see this page and once you have set up your Backup system you can sleep easy knowing you are protected and safe.

With Managed Endpoint Solution, you can get on with your business assured that the latest technology, software and cyber experts are in the background protecting you.

So, with Backup and Managed Endpoint Protection in place, the risk of data loss and theft is massively reduced.

One final thing, if the thought of putting in place such protection sounds expensive, this is not the case. Protection such as this which was originally only available to corporate companies with big budgets is now affordable to companies of every size.


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