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Who will you trust in 2021?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

In business we often talk about ‘reputation’ and how companies can rise or fall on the basis of this.

If only this were true.

I’ve experienced the service (or lack) of many companies and wondered not only how they remain in business but how they became so successful. Likewise I’ve bought products that have been awful and dealt with staff who are incompetent, unknowledgeable and even disrespectful and yet these companies trade on their reputation and from appearances seem to flourish.

So my first question of 2021 is who will you trust to do business with and to support your own company over the coming year?

  1. How supportive is your bank?

  2. Do you know if your insurer will pay out when required?

  3. With the key products and services that you depend on - do you have a phone number you can call and what happens when you do ring?

Next is to consider your own offerings and team. How reliable are your staff, what’s their motivation right now, their intent and knowledge?

I think trust and reliability will be sought after this year more than ever. Many of the mighty are falling and the small are being tried, relied upon and have an opportunity to shine.

It’s going to be a tough year for most and therefore creating positive and engaging relationships will be most helpful. Put a telephone number on your website, go the extra mile, deliver the service that you created your business to provide and people will take notice and appreciate it.

Let’s trust in ourselves and work with others who are likeminded.

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021 – the year of trust!

Anthony Ryb


Data and Cyber security solutions trusted by small businesses world over


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