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When clouds cause turbulence!

Working digitally and remotely is becoming the norm hence data protection is more important now than ever before.

The current pandemic is making lots of businesses put in place new systems in order to continue working efficiently and productively.

Fortunately a number of cloud based solutions have been popular for a while and the move onto these systems can often be fairly smooth and swift.

One BIG thing to bear in mind is ownership of the data itself, be it a document, email, an image, a video demo, the content of a course, newsletter, financial spreadsheets or other digitally generated files (graphics, flyers, pdf scans, recorded guides, podcasts etc) you should never rely solely on virtual storage to keep this safe for you. If you are trusting others to store this (your) data and do not have a copy of it yourself then you have lost control of it.

It is critical that you understand that if for any reason you are unable to gain access, locked out or if the service is shut down then you will lose your data and your business will be severely compromised or will fail.

CONTROL is the key and the solution is really simple. ALWAYS keep a local version of ALL your data saved on your machine. Failing to do so will jeopardize your customers, your business and privacy. It is also strongly recommended to create backup copies allowing you to easily restore your files in an emergency.

Fly high in your business but remember, clouds can look pretty (especially from afar) but they can be very dark and ominous.


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