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What's changed?

20 years ago when I co-founded Depositit, the threats to our data were viruses, hardware error, accidentally deleting or amending a file, fires, flood and theft.

Back then, tape drive backups were rubbish, disk drives were expensive, manually done and had size limitations so our intention was to provide a very simple and secure way to back up company data.

Depositit Backup would do this automatically using the company’s Internet connection and all data would be encrypted and stored safely offsite in our data centres.

It worked like magic and still does.

What’s interesting is that those risks from way back then, remain the same risks to our data today!

One thing has developed and one thing has changed over the years for Depositit regarding the above. Our original thought was that selling through the Internet would be a very automated process:

  • Register for the service

  • Pay

  • Download the software

  • and that’s it.

What quickly developed was how service driven the product is. Businesses like to be supported. They may not use it but they like to know help is available. They want to see an email answered, a phone call picked up and when they need assistance that they can receive it.

The management team at Depositit came from service based industries and from day one we wanted to create a product that was useful and also supported by a helpdesk that was reliable and friendly. We achieved both and support and reliability remain at the core for us to this day.

What has changed is that over the years many customers asked if we could also protect their data before we back it up for them. I.e, can we scan it for any viruses in spite of them having an antivirus product installed.

We steered clear of this for the first decade, focusing just on backing up and not challenging the antivirus solutions out there. This has now changed, as over the past few years we’ve become incredibly disappointed in the antivirus products which seem to slow down machines, need regular updating and we noticed that on a daily basis we were helping customers restore files after they’d been hit by a virus despite having antivirus installed...

...IT wasn't protecting them.

We spent two years researching the market and collaborated with the leading provider of Endpoint Protection (which is a fancy way of saying, Next Generation Anti Virus) and now, alongside our Depositit Backup we also provide Depositit C360 which offers protection against all cyber threats (far more powerful than the antivirus products), it doesn’t slow down machines, is automatically updated and is fully managed, which means our team of analysts are monitoring any alerts on any machines and we deal with it behind the scenes so no need to worry or spend time / money calling out IT companies.

There are many ways to backup and there are many ways to try and protect machines from hacking, ransomware and viruses but there’s only one Depositit that will efficiently and reliably keep you protected as we have done for the past 20 years and will continue over the decades ahead.


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