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Updates that bug me!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We’re advised to run updates on our operating system in order to ensure our machines continue to run smoothly and safely.

These can be security patches, feature updates or more often than not bug patches.

Excuse the pun, but a huge bug bear of mine is the fact that large vendors feel they can release half baked products or services and feel this is OK, as over time they will iron out the creases and flaws with a series of updates. I’ve often thought that if smaller companies were to do something like this they’d have zero customers.

Imagine buying a bucket that has a hole in it (but it will be patched in the next update) or going on holiday to find the swimming pool looks gorgeous but has no water in it or going to a restaurant and everything you order is not yet available (it’s currently being developed).

Yet these popular suppliers simply get away with it and whilst we have some choice it is fairly limited.

What we at Depositit have noticed more and more recently with many customers running updates on their Windows 10 operating system is often after the update the customer can no longer find their information, access their machine or suffers some kind of loss.

We’ve had customers who actually had their machines rendered completely inaccessible after running some updates and had to revert to either an old machine or actually purchase a brand new one and then restoring their data onto it.

Having run Depositit for over 20 years and seen many kinds of data breach and loss, noticing right now how many restores and how much loss is occurring as a result of these updates is very worrying.

Our advice has always been that everyone using a computer must ensure they have a reliable backup in place and right now, to every Windows 10 user this advice is even more pertinent.

There are many ways to lose your data and it’s a worry that is not necessary as it is really simple now to put in place a reliable backup service.

Updates and patches from some of the larger vendors may be filed with uncertainty but there are loads of dependable services you can put in place to help safeguard and deliver some certainty.


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