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Sync or Swim

I was on the phone to a potential customer recently. A friend of theirs had recommended they use our Depositit backup service to safeguard their computer files but they weren’t sure if they needed it or not as they had their data synced between their laptop, mobile device and a PC.

I wondered why they had put the call into us, if they were convinced their data was safe so guessed that maybe they weren’t 100% certain.

And that’s the point, none of us want to pay for additional services that aren’t necessary but there are times when we don’t actually know if what we have in place is providing what we think.

I know that sounds a bit odd, but we can all probably think of certain products, goods or services we have bought, subscribed or signed up to, thinking it delivers XYZ and sometimes never actually checking whilst other times sadly finding out (normally when it’s too late) we aren’t actually getting everything we thought.

A good example might be an insurance policy, where we might only find out during a crisis situation that we don’t have the cover we thought/hoped we did!

  • I asked this person where the data he is syncing is being backed up to and he didn’t know.

  • I asked if he knew if the company was actually carrying out a backup of the data and he didn’t.

  • I asked if he’d ever tried contacting the company and he hadn’t.

  • I asked what might happen if he deleted a file from one of his devices and he said that it would automatically be removed from the others, so I asked if he’d be able to get it back if this was done accidentally – he didn’t know.

  • I asked what would happen if someone gained access to any of his machines and wiped all of his data. He reckoned it would all be gone and hoped that the syncing company he was using would have a backup, albeit he hadn’t checked with them if they would or not!!

It’s time to start asking question and retain control over your data.

Whilst it’s great to be able to get all your info across all your devices, we’d recommend you keep a master copy of your data and back this up securely and separately so it’s always available when that emergency hits.


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