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Sweet beginnings

Fancy a walk down memory lane….

In early 2001 we took receipt of the first working prototype of our Depositit Backup service. Our objective was to create a secure Data Bank, enabling computer users to safely and easily deposit their computer data and get it back in the event of any emergency or crisis.

Backing up was and still can be a tedious and thankless task, therefore providing an option for the Depositit service to be automatic was important.

The choice of backup devices available 20 years ago were typically tape drives or disks that were expensive, took ages, didn’t work properly, ran out of space, were not future proof and more often than not you only knew if it had or hadn’t worked when you tried to restore your files!

Our brief to the development team was:

  1. Develop an automated method that uses the Internet to transfer data from a computer to our secure data centres.

  2. For security, encrypt the data both prior to and during transmission (as well as when it’s held in the data centre).

  3. Let customers know once the backup has completed, and if any issues arose.

Popular functions of the Internet back in those early days were email, sending and receiving jokes, finding out information and a bit of online shopping. We wanted to create a service which would allow people to have the Internet serve them, save them time, worry and ultimately money.

Back then, standard internet connections ran off dial up modems. Most at the time were using either 28.8K or 56K modems (remember those times!).

I ran the inaugural trial backup and selected approx 100mb of files and let it run overnight. When I woke up, the backup had completed and in my Inbox there was an email from Depositit, stating the Backup was successful and had completed. It also advised how many files had uploaded and confirmed these were safe.

WOW, WOW and WOW!!!! I couldn’t stop smiling.

The years have passed and broadband / fibre connections now make the Internet so much faster and more efficient, however the one single thing for me that has remained exactly the same as that inaugural backup, is the power of that ‘confirmation email’.

Even today, almost 20 years later and having received tens of thousands of these backup confirmations over the years and seeing millions go out to all our customers over the past two decades – every time I receive that confirmation email, what it still means to me is that my data is safe. Nothing beats that feeling.

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO MY MACHINE, you can steal it, throw it out a window, riddle it with viruses, damage the hard drive, drop it in water, delete or re-set the machine – NO MATTER WHAT… files are safe and I can get them back.

The power of that confirmation email lets me sleep easy at night and feel relaxed. All the documents, projects, articles written and received, images, emails and everything else I have saved that are important, sentimental or have some meaning to me are safe.

There are many ways to backup but there’s only one Depositit and its confirmation email.


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