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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We all know that maintaining and securing computers and servers can be costly. However, there are amazing solutions that you can put in place for yourself or for your customers that will help reduce these costs.



This malicious software infects computers and blocks access to your data. It demands a fee in order for your systems to work again and to release the block on the data. Such crimes can lead to reputational damage and fines for a data breach if customer information is lost/stolen. Paying a ransom fee is NEVER recommended and CANNOT be trusted.


There is an increasing risk of businesses losing contact and ownership of their data right now after being advised or following instructions to replace physical local data storage in favour of Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive or similarly Google Drive, Dropbox or other virtual cloud storage solutions.

These are popular services but DO NOT prevent data loss or security breaches and if you DO NOT have a backup copy of your own data, the impact will be the same as the Ransamware example above, albeit without the demanding messages. Once again, you could lose access to your information and trading may cease.



Install a managed endpoint service that protects PC’s, Laptops and Servers against all viruses, malware, hacking and ransomware threats. With a managed solution you can be assured that the security analysts managing the service are on hand to detect and fix any issues. It is the simplest and most cost effective solution.


Regardless where you are storing files or accessing programs and databases, install a fully automated and supported backup system that confirms your new data is securely stored offsite each day for you and prevents data loss.

Depositit Protection:

Is specifically designed for small business and all budgets and helps owners reduce their costs and IT companies to provide the most reliable support systems.

  • Automatic Backup – all your data is automatically backed up, secured and confirmed each day for you.

  • Endpoint Security – all your computers are monitored by a security team and equipped with a ‘Rollback’ feature that removes all traces of malicious malware.

  • Technical Support – a team of security experts available to you, ensuring the well-being of your systems and data at all times.

Go to our website and find out more / take a trial.

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