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How long is your “TO DO” list?

In this article you'll see how you can easily reduce your daily 'to do' list by implementing an automated data backup system.

How many things never seem to move from there or always get bumped by something more important or interesting?

Our research has shown that for many people ‘backing up their computer data’ is somewhere near the bottom, because it keeps getting pushed down.

For those who it is at the top, it’s there because they run manual backups every day and therefore it never leaves the list.

Ironically a big gulp is taken every day and fingers are crossed that nothing happens to the machine, as then it will turn to guilt and ‘if only’ or ‘why didn’t I’!!

There is a very easy and simple way that will:

  • remove this task from your ‘to do’ list.

  • give you great security and serenity.

An Automated backup service will take a few minutes to set up and once in place it can be marked off your ‘to do’ list for ever and you can sleep soundly at night knowing that whatever happens from now on, your files are always safeguarded.

What is ‘Backup’ and why is it so important?

We are living in a digital era where we are all on a personal and professional level generating Data. This can be from messaging, photos/media files, databases, stock control solutions, word documents etc.

This data belongs to YOU!

Regardless of whether you are storing this data on your own machine or device or a networked system or via some cloud solution, you always want to ensure that you have a copy and you keep this safe and protected.

Data that is out of your hands is much harder to protect than data that is held locally and this makes it even more critical to safeguard.

The best way to do this is to:

  1. always retain a local copy on a local computer.

  2. on the local machine/s install Managed Endpoint Security to protect everyone’s machines from malware and malicious activity (never rely solely on the Operating System’s internal security service).

  3. put in place an Automated Data Backup system to save copies of your data (check that the service notifies you after each backup, saves historic versions and encrypts the data for privacy).

Data Storage and Protection have always been considered best practice and in today’s cyber threat and digital world it’s absolutely critical given the cost in financial, reputational and legal terms is huge if you do not have this protection in place.

A decent solution is quick to set up, won’t cost the earth and will ultimately save you time, effort and potentially your business!

Depositit have been providing advice and business protection since 1999 and invite you to get in touch any time.


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