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We gasp, we smirk, we look on incredulously when we hear about the massive firms that lose data and get hacked.

Over the years, we’ve seen high profile names such as Talk Talk, Marriot, Equifax, UnderArmour plus government offices and departments all be targeted and hit hard.

In fact, you will be amazed by all the familiar names reported on this Wikipedia page who suffered data breaches over recent years.

So, whilst many point fingers at these companies, accusing them of not having the appropriate security measures in places, my question to the small companies out there – if these HUGE companies, with enormous budgets, resources and knowledgeable tech departments suffered a breach, what makes you think that your standard (free?) antivirus product is going to protect you?

The answer is, it won’t and it doesn’t!

For every one of these corporate companies that gets named (and to some degree, shamed), thousands of small firms are being targeted every single day. We don’t hear about these of course because no one is interested (least of all the media) when the local hairdresser clicked on a link that wiped its database or the financial adviser who got targeted or the small law firm who’s staff member thought they were opening a client letter which proceeded to wipe the contents of their servers.

Most companies have in place a backup and some form of protection but it’s similar to closing your door and thinking the house is protected. What door do you have, did you lock it, what lock was used, is there additional security in place?

Just like no two doors, locks or alarm systems are the same, it is similar with antivirus protection. At a minimum you now want to be installing Next Generation Antivirus which nowadays is called ‘endpoint protection’, because it is protecting your endpoint (i.e the laptop, desktop or server). Ideally, the Endpoint protection should protect against all Malware and cyber threats including known and unknown risks. Ironically, the popular brands aren’t necessarily the best right now as they still devote much of their time to providing basic antivirus rather than the newer, more specialist companies who are being voted as providing much stronger security against these new hacking, phishing and ransomware threats including virus protection.

Back to my front door analogy where you would review the type of Door, lock and home security/insurance you have in place. Similarly for ultimate computer protection, ensure you have a decent Firewall, Next Generation Endpoint protection and a reliable off-site backup system. This layered combination will protect you and keep you from making it onto any Wikipedia list!


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