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Installation instructions will be provided in the next 24 hours together with your unique Site-Token.

If you require assistance please email (please quote your company name).

Safeguard digital data from risks such as accidental deletion, hardware error, fire, theft and loss. A copy of your critical data is encrypted & automatically transferred off-site every day to secure UK data centres where it is available 24/7 for retrieval when you need it. You will receive confirmation emails acknowledging and confirming when your backup has been carried out.

Complete protection against hacking, cyber threats and ransomware. When a breach takes place C360 automatically remediates it and produces a forensics report for your records/compliance requirements. C360 is fully managed which means a team of security analysts are watching out for threats on your machine and will assist when anything hits you. This can be used alongside or can replace your existing Anti-Virus/Malware software if you wish.

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~ Established in  1999 ~

Founded in 1999, Depositit is Europe's leading provider of Cyber Security and Business Continuity Solutions and partners with insurers, brokers, IT support companies and regulatory bodies ensuring businesses within every sector, including home workers are safeguarded against cyber threats.

Solutions include preventative measures to protect against malware, data loss, cyber extortion and ransomware threats, as well as crisis management to help companies manage and keep trading in the event of an attack.

Depositit Cloud solutions are available 24/7 on any device.

All our services are available with a free trial and friendly telephone support.

Every year since 2017 Depositit have been awarded Cyber Essentials certification

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