Your customers require the best defence against cyber threats and data loss and come to you as the expert

You require a reliable and stable solution that's easy to set up and backed up with great support to make your life easy.

We've been assisting IT support companies for the past 20 years and our partner opportunities are straight forward, save you time and include the best products and services for you and your customers.

Not all cyber protection is the same and we're aware that everyone is citing theirs is the best. The truth is that every customer we've supported who has been hit with malware has had Anti Virus in place and it's not worked in that instance! IT Support companies potentially have egg on their face for recommending it and likewise with customers who have lost data and then cannot get through to a support desk or find every backup overwrites the last one and the file they require from a month ago is not available.

Furthermore, NAS and Cloud drives, as helpful as they are for syncing, storing, and sharing information, do not prevent cyber breaches and data loss. In fact the opposite may be true as they potentially make people feel immune and safe placing them more at risk!

Partner with Depositit today and include our Cyber Security package into your offerings easily with a Reseller console, scalable storage and licenses, unlimited customer accounts, unlimited installation of enterprise grade Backup and Advanced Endpoint Protection. Full training is available, along with sales tools, expert 1st or 2nd line support and a SOC team at your disposal.

Enhance customer loyalty by delivering insurance approved GDPR/FCA/CQC compliant and time saving services that are fully supported.

Peace of mind for you and your customers