Whether you're a student, run your own business, travel a lot or manage your family admin.


Use Depositit ORGANISER to securely store unlimited information and retrieve whatever details you require, whenever you need them in just two clicks.

As the old saying goes – “mind your own business” and we understand that everyone has their own ‘private stuff (or business)’ that needs to be kept secure.


No matter what information you want to keep safe and accessible, whether it’s files, pictures, policy details, account info, codes, usernames or passwords – you can now keep all of this safe in one single area and access it 24/7 from any device, wherever you are in the world.


Most people jot things down or save information on their phone (that's already two places). Sometimes we’ll make a note on a Post-it or scrap of paper intending to transfer it somewhere safer later. With PIN numbers and passwords we might keep the actual information that came from the bank or the emails stored in our Inbox.


Slowly but surely we end up with details saved all over the place yet never actually available or to hand when we really need them in a crisis!


Now you can mind your own ‘business’ really easily and have all your details 'on demand' with Depositit Organiser

Do you travel much? By yourself, with work, with family?


Regardless of how often or with whom you travel, most bookings these days are processed online and the trip may include travel documents such as Passport, Visa, Esta etc and possibly insurance, rentals, pet minding, events, transport and much more.


It’s really easy and convenient to book your trip BUT you need to remember all your Usernames, Passwords, PIN numbers, References and confirmations details etc. And then whilst on your travels and realise that you need a contact detail that you left behind or a copy of one of your travel docs or worse still you break or lose your mobile phone and everything is lost. Or your wallet or handbag is stolen and cards need to be cancelled – how do you get in touch?


Stay safe and reassured when travelling by noting down your key details in your ORGANISER account. This is free, secure and available for you to access from any machine and will be a life saver should anything go missing because in 2 clicks you can get what you need.


Get Depositit Organiser and spend 5 minutes today adding your key details and give yourself complete peace of mind for future trips.

Do you remember the last time you were searching for that evasive reference number, username or passcode? Or the time when someone called you asking for a specific detail that you couldn’t find anywhere? How much time did you waste and how stressed did it make you feel getting it wrong and not remembering?


Forgetting things is such a waste of time especially when there are so many other things needing to be done.


If you are managing a business you will have critical information you need to access fairly regularly such as your company details,  Key Contacts, Bank and insurance information and certain other secondary details such as telecom & utilities contracts, various Usernames and Passwords and websites and logins.


Having your key work details always available will save you much time and reduce stress.

If you work in the city or from home or spend time travelling around, get Depositit Organiser and ensure you always have what you need within 2 clicks of any device you're on.

The world continues to change before our eyes and today’s children are entering a world full of mobile technology, social media & apps. Many parents are struggling to keep up, however no matter if you brought up your family before or during the ‘www’ era, one thing seems to remain constant and that is ‘family dependency’. No matter how brilliantly ‘techie’ your children, parents or in-laws are, they will probably always have one main family member they know they can always call upon when they need a reminder of this password or that login detail.


How many times have your children or spouse shouted out “What’s my icloud or xyz password?” or “do you remember my PIN number?” As if parents don’t have enough to deal with already, they now need to remember hundreds of ‘new’ details.


Within a family there will probably now be hundreds of website logins, codes, PINS and other details (passport numbers, birth certificates, insurance policies etc) and in the ‘good ol days’ when all paperwork was stored offline, so were all the details (kept in paper files and folders). Nowadays so much is handled online, it makes sense to store the relevant codes online as well (in a separate area of course).


Storing your details online will help keep things organised, speed up your ability to access them (from anywhere in the world) and provide complete peace of mind.

Also consider that as an addition to any Will you or your loved ones have prepared, saving these details and giving access to, and information about your accounts, will be incredibly helpful.

For an easy way to store and access your family details get Depositit Organiser and next time one of them shouts out for their password, you can quickly access it and let them have it.

The service is extremely easy to use on all your devices